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Overcoming Regret When You’ve Missed Opportunities | Monday Motivation with Chad Lingafelt

Missed Opportunities. Whether it’s a missed flight, missed romantic connection with someone, or missed business opportunity, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret when you miss an opportunity. We’v e all been there. However, there is hope for you! Here’s 2 things you can learn about handling these situations. Tip 1: Understand and Embrace that you can’t change what happened. You will need to reset and adapt to the current situation. Although you will want to, there is nothing beneficiary about dwelling on or obsessing over what could have been. Maybe take a minute to process what happened and why, but ultimately acknowledge that the moment has passed. Tip 2: Assess & Make Changes for the Future. You may have missed the opportunity, but you have to asses and make changes for the future. You can’t change what happened in the past but you can plan to change for the future so it doesn’t happen again. An easy way to do this is to recognize what caused you to miss the opportunity and what you should pay attention to or look closely at next time. You can learn and bounce back from a negative thought pattern and obsession over missed opportunities by focusing on the positive and being prepared for future opportunities. Have you ever missed an opportunity? How did you adjust? We’d love to hear from you!

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