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How to Reduce Costs in High Turn Over Businesses?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Many businesses are in high turnover industries, which means employees often come and go. This can include restaurants, call centers, etc. In these kinds of businesses, very often keys are given to the employee so they may access the building. However, when that employee leaves this means that you must receive that key or else rekey the location again. Even then you cannot be sure the key hasn’t been copied.

It is important to protect the property and people in your business, but also to manage your resources properly. However, every time a business is rekeyed that means everyone need a new key. If you have 10 employees each year and 5 of those employees leave each year, thats 5 rekeys and 50 keys each year. So what can possibly be done to prevent this inefficiency?

There is a solution to prevent this: Brivo Mobile Pass. With an electric strike and a Brivo Access Control System installed on your door, Mobile Pass allows you to issue “digital keys” which allow your employees in and out of your facility. You can set schedules and permissions for access, so your employee walks up to the door with their phone and Voila! The door unlocks.

The best part of the solution is this: Your employees leaves the company, so instead of a rekey, you can log into your app from any device connected to the internet, and remove the pass from the former employee, it immediately goes back into your account to be assigned to another employee. Not only are you not having to spend money on rekeys and key, but this all happens in a matter of seconds from wherever you are, instead of having to schedule a locksmith to come out and perform a service.

To implement this Brivo Mobile Pass solution at your location, schedule a free estimate on your schedule with one of our Experienced Account Managers. They can help guide you to the right solutions and create a custom plan specific to your business needs.

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