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How to Protect Your Home While Away for the Holidays

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

We’ve all seen Home Alone and chuckled as Harry and Marv are scoping out the neighborhood looking for the perfect heist: a family going on vacation. As entertaining as the movie is, this scenario is not so farfetched as we would think. Many burglaries happen during the holiday season when it is well known that families are traveling for long periods of time. Unfortunately, not all of us have a brilliant and lucky Macaulay Culkin to defend our property and belongings. This is not only a concern for residential properties but business owners have to worry about their commercial properties as well!

So how do we protect our property while we are gone? How do we keep an eye on things and ensure that they are taken care of?

There are many solutions that can improve the security of your home or business during times of extended leave, but one particular solution stands out that offers great peace of mind for families traveling abroad: Cloud Based Camera Systems.

Using a Cloud Based Camera System like the Eagle Eye system allows you not only to see in real time what is happening at your front door (or any other exits), but also allows you to set parameters to be notified when events occur. For example, you can set a line across your front porch step that, when crossed, alerts you.

You can then open the Eagle Eye mobile app and check to see if Santa has finally arrived with the presents, or if it is someone more nefarious. You may be 500 miles away, but you are fully prepared to protect your home from potential burglaries before they happen, rather than coming home to a disaster.

The holidays are a time for fun, food, family and laughter. Installing a camera system in your residential or commercial property will allow you to rest easy knowing that you have control over your house no matter where you are. That constant nagging in the back of your head, wondering what might have happened while you are gone, is now gone, and you can now enjoy your holidays without distraction.

Click here now if you are interested in receiving a free quote for installing a camera system for your home or business!

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