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How To Open Your Door Without a Key?!

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

How often do you have family and friends visiting your home? Or contractors coming to do work? There is always the hassle of logistics when it comes to this. The typical solution is “I left a key under the mat for you.” However this is very unsafe, as many criminals look for keys left under mats, pots and just over the door frame. For someone with ill intent this is an easy score. The only other option is to take off work or cancel any other plans to make sure you can meet your visitors. If you are the typical Charlottean with a busy schedule, this is much safer but very inconvenient. So our options are to compromise our security or sacrifice our schedule.

This is a concerning problem, which centers around the necessity of the key. But there is good news. There is a solution available which allows you to keep your home safe AND keep your schedule intact. The solution uses what is know as keyless entry technology, completely eliminating the need for a key. With a code, or even with a bluetooth enabled smartphone, one can enter their home without turning a key at all. What’s more, codes can be passed out on a temporary basis, which means you are in control of your lock at all times.

This is a solution that not only relieves some of the stress and worry of daily life but it also provides better security by eliminating a physical keying system. At Loc Doc Security one of our values is Refined Quality; therefore we want to provide only the best parts and materials, that you can truly trust to protect you and your things. This is one of the reasons we install the Yale nexTouch lock. It is a keypad lock which can store up to 500 user codes, and also has zWave technology to connect with your smartphone. It is ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Certified and weather resistant, meaning it is durable and long lasting for your outdoor application.

Imagine life with this keypad lock. While you’re at work on Friday afternoon, you start getting phone calls: your plumber is on his way to look at your leaky faucet, and your friends are in town for weekend get together, and will be home before you. Normally you start stressing about having to drop everything, right? Instead, your plumber and grandparents both have a separate code to get in. They both get access to your home which expires whenever you decide it will. Your life just got a little more stress and care free, and your Friday just got a little better.

If thats the kind of freedom and security you want, click here to purchase a nexTouch on your home

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