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How Can I Unlock My Door With My Phone?

Today we are going to answer the question: How can I unlock my door with my phone? We’ll also talk about the advantages of Mobile Credentials! At Loc-Doc Security, Our Mission is to help you protect your people and your property. We continue to share information like this to help you be informed so you can know the best solutions for the security of your property.

With the rapid pace of cellphone technology and the flood of devices in the market, many people own a cell phone. It’s not uncommon for your whole life to be run on a cell phone. Our phones are our connection point to everything in our lives. Personally, I utilise my phone to control the temperature and lights in our home, to unlock our door at home, to open doors at work, to control the air purifiers, to order food at my favorite restaurants, shop for clothes, and even to operate and control my car! From calendars, social apps, entertainment, shopping, and the random game apps my children download, my phone helps my life run more efficiently and smoothly. Nowadays, it’s almost strange if you don’t have a cell phone. This technology helps make our lives easier and we are going to share some of the great ways to help make your life easy too by utilizing your phone to unlock the doors you encounter in your day to day activities. We are all dependent on our cell phones and it’s a rare occurrence that you would leave home without it!

Let’s break down some of the advantages and cover some features you should look for when choosing the right platform. To get started, a mobile key or credential is able to be utilised on an access control system. These Access Control systems are usually in place on most commercial buildings, but if you don’t have one on your building, don’t worry, we can help with that.

Access Control Systems usually require a card or fob to scan at a reader. This is why they are commonly referred to as Key Card Systems since a key card is utilized to unlock the door. Once you scan the card or fob, your access to the building is granted and the door unlocks electronically. You can read more about this process in our previous article on PoE (Power over Ethernet) . With an access control system, you eliminate the need for physical keys while still monitoring and controlling who comes in and out of your building. These systems are cloud based and can be complemented with a camera system to protect your people and property from intruders or unauthorized entries. Now that we understand the system used to unlock the doors, how does it work on your phone? MEET WITH US

Mobile Credentials: A mobile credential is like a key but in a digital version. This digital key is sent to your phone through email and is assigned to your device. Here are some of the Features of a Mobile Credential:

  • Tap a single button to open the closest door

  • Have one credential/ key for multiple facilities and building amenities.

  • Add favorite doors that you frequent to the main menu

  • Use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation

How do Mobile Credentials work? The most common way mobile credential works is through Bluetooth and something called Near Field Communication (NFC). This is a way for data to to transmit over a short distance from the phone to the reader. It’s the same technology that you use on your phone if you use Apple Pay. Are Mobile Credentials Secure?

The great thing about mobile credentials is how secure it is over a traditional key card or fob. With all of the personal information on your phone, from pictures of your family to your emails, you wouldn’t just hand your phone to a stranger. While the average price of a cell phone is $633 dollars, some new phones cost over $1,000 dollars and they have so much personal data that people are very protective of them. Think about the last time you handed over your cell phone to someone. It doesn’t happen often yet, we nonchalantly hand over a key, key card, or fob to a random person to access a building. While cards and fobs can be deleted or deactivated if lost, the security risk is there especially with the rise of kiosks that can quickly copy any RFID Key card or fob. Once a mobile credential is installed on a smartphone, it is securely linked to that device. It cannot be replicated and installed on another mobile device. MEET WITH US

Here are three Benefits of Mobile Credentials: Extra Convenience

When you have mobile credentials you no longer have to keep track of a key card or fob attached to a ring of keys. How many times have you forgotten your card and had to check in sheepishly at the security desk? Or have you ever had someone’s key card or key fob not work at the security gate with a line of cars piling up behind them? This no longer has to be a struggle. Every one of us carries our smartphones throughout the day wherever we go. It’s easy to tap a button as you approach a door or gate and have it open for you! A huge benefit to facility managers is the ability to assign a mobile credential to a visitor for a set amount of time in advance. The visitor would be sent an email with a link to download an app to their phone. They would then have access to the pre approved areas of the building. Once onsite, the visitor can immediately go to the approved area and the credential can automatically expire when they leave the facility! Increased Security Access control and key card access have been around for decades. The weakest link in systems like this is people. No matter how secure you make your doors, gates, or building, key cards and fobs can be lost, stolen and possibly used by people that aren’t authorized. Using a Mobile credential gives you additional layers of security from the smartphone itself. Most everyone has a pincode, fingerprint, or face ID set up to open their phone. This is a deterrent in itself since you wouldn’t hand your personal mobile phone to anyone (including Karen in Accounting) and if you did happen to misplace your phone, no one could access it without the password! This small change reduces the likelihood of people borrowing a keycard to gain access to an unauthorized area! Most people may not remember where their key card or fob is, but they do know exactly where their phone is at all times! Cost Savings With a mobile credential, the pass is digital! This means no more ordering plastic key cards or key fobs! We’re definitely saving the turtles with this plastic reduction! The great thing about Mobile credentials is that they can be transferred to a new phone if you are one of those people who likes to get a new phone every year. Also when the time frame of access is complete, like for a temporary employee or intern, they can be remotely deactivated! You eliminate the costs for key cards and fobs and your savings for operations just increased! Using the average company size in the USA (500-10,000 employees) and calculating the cost to outfit that many employees the price is outrageous! It can range from $550 to $55,000. Mobile credentials are also a great use in University settings and dorm rooms. With a constant turnover rate and new additions each year, these cards can add up to be a huge cost! Mobile credentials have no cost associated with distributing them. Just select the right platform to install and watch your savings add up! If you would like to learn more about how mobile credentials can work for your facility schedule a free evaluation with our team!

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