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EP 97 | What We’re About: Core Values | Host: Chad Lingafelt

Chad Lingafelt shares our Company Core Values and why they’re import. We share how we apply them and share them with our team.

Defined EXPECTATIONS Don’t be frustrated with unmet expectations when YOU have not clearly set them. Can the customer or teammate execute the expectations without further explanation? Consistent COMMUNICATION Always communicate clear and important information that will impact our customers and our team. Cultivate TRUST Start small, have patience and be consistent. Consistency builds trust! Outrageous KINDNESS Treat team members, customers and your family BETTER than you want to be treated. Courageous HONESTY Handle the truth with courage early and often. Don’t hide things, cover up or keep things from your teammates or customers. Refined QUALITY Factory specifications are met, shortcuts are not taken. Quality over Quantity and customer satisfaction is primary. Unexpected CLEANLINESS Jobsite, workspace, uniforms, tools, products, installations. Everything WE touch, should be left cleaner than when we started. Intentional EXECUTION Define what winning looks like and don’t give up until it’s finished. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

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