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EP 71 | 16 Books To Impact Your Business | Guest: Chad Lingafelt

Don’t miss this special episode courtesy of Brivo featuring Chad Lingafelt. Listen as Chad Lingafelt shares the 16 books that transformed his perspective and impacted our business.

Free the Idea Monkey: Identify Major Hurdles, Partnerships, Confidence Sharing Vision

Turn the Ship Around: How to Empower your Team, “What do you think we should do?”, Empowers Decision Making Process

EntreLeadership: Business Playbook, Practical applications, Team Building Practices and Recognition, Hiring for Culture

Leaders Eat Last: Servant Leadership, A prerequisite for any Leader in our Organization, Leaders take care of team first Radical Candor: Team Building, Differences between Rockstars & Superstars, Coaching, One on Ones

Powerful: Building Culture, Hiring & Firing, Unlimited PTO Perspective

Five Dysfunctions of a Team: This Will Change Your Leadership Team, Communication, Build Trust

Free to Focus: Bringing Ideas to Action

Traction: Business Operating Systems – EOS, 6 Key Components, Business Owner Must Have

Clockwork: How to Build Task Built Operations, Empowering the Business to Work Without You

Steve Jobs or Shoe Dog: Big Books & Long Reads, Storylines will encourage you as a business leader

Crushing It: Bring Value to Customers, Give More Than You Take

Building a Story Brand: Simplify Your Message, Get Better at telling your Business Story

The Vision Driven Leader: Clarifying Your Message, Scaling Your Business

4 Disciplines of Execution : Understand the Health of your Business, Leads & Lag Measurements, Find Drivers to Grow Your Business

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