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EP 150 |  Making Decisions When You’re Stuck | Guest: Nicole Coustier

Chad Lingafelt chats with Nicole Coustier, Founder of Aurelian Coaching and creator of The DART Method® for deliberate planning

On this episode, Nicole shares how high stakes decision making is a skill that you can hone by practicing. We walk through what questions you need to ask yourself in a practice session and how to run simulations until you become comfortable making high stakes decisions.

We touch on how to recognize when emotions are playing a role in the decision making process. While many believe that emotion shouldn’t play a role in decision making, Nicole recommends noticing the emotions you are having (like fear, anxiety, or excitement) and making a separate decision to allow those emotions to drive the decision making process.

Learn more about Fear setting exercises, lizard brain, and cold hard facts that can influence interpretation.

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