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EP 138 | Things You Need To Know about HOA Management | Guest: Jonathan Jenkins

Chad Lingafelt chats with Jonathan Jenkins, Community Manager at Kuester Management Group, all about HOA’s. We dive into what is an HOA, the fundamentals of HOA Management, and how they are effective. Jonathan shares some great information about what you should look for in a HOA Management Company and some tips to help other Community Managers!

3 Things HOA’s should look for in a management company:

  1. Response Time – Communications with Board members and Home Owners (24 – 48 hours)

  2. Technology (how they manage information) how the Home Owners get and send notifications

  3. Vendor Management (who do they use?)

3 Things Community Managers need to focus on

  1. Proactive (What is coming up, how do I prepare for the future of the community) Budgets, Preventative Maintenance

  2. Relationship Building

  3. Get On Site! Be familiar with the property and the area

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