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EP 131 | Set Results & Create Actions to Drive Them | Guest: Jim Robinson

Chad Lingafelt chats with Jim Robinson, CEO & Founder of CGP Maintenance and Construction Services Inc, Author, and Business Coach.

On this episode, Jim shares the origins of CGP in the early 80s and how he grew and developed himself and his team. CGP now has 120 service vans over 6 states with over 20 million a year and aspirations to grow globally in Canada and Mexico within the next 10 years.

We talk about the importance of Mastering Delegation as a leader, coaching your team, and the affect of both on growth. Jim also elaborates on his focus on growth and education and why he started a dual education system not only for his employees but also their partners to encourage growing together.

Jim gives some great closing advice for business leaders to decide what results they want to achieve and then mapping the actions it will take to get there.

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