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EP 103 | Accountability To Do The Work | Guest: Jacinda Jacobs

Chad Lingafelt chats with Jacinda Jacobs an upbeat Media Personality, Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach. We touch on how and why she stays so positive, pivoting before the pandemic, and how helping her husband’s business inspired her latest venture; a free 5 day Mastermind Class for people looking to become a full time entrepreneur.

Register for Jacinda’s Mastermind Class:

Learn How To:

  • Identify Best Business Concepts For Sustainable Growth

  • Create a Money Mindset to Business Profitability

  • Convert Your Connections to Currency

  • Build Your Brand

  • Network and Make Sales with Ease

Follow Jacinda:

Instagram – @iamuniquelyqualified @justjacinda

Facebook – Iamuniquelyqyalified

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