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Control Your Brivo Commercial Access Control Systems with Just the Touch of a Button

At Loc-Doc, Inc. we specialize in Brivo commercial access control systems, and there’s a big reason why. Brivo access control systems are one of the leaders in Cloud accessible access control systems. What this means for our business owners is accessibility and convenience that they may previously been unable to obtain. You will be amazed at how simple your access control system will become!

Brivo boasts three featured access control products that each offer unique benefits to business owners:

  1. Brivo OnAir

  2. Brivo OnAir for Government

  3. Brivo OnSite Server

With Brivo access control systems, you have the option of controlling your system within the office or at home with just a swipe on your iPad. You can easily access and print reports through your system, and the Brivo system makes programming access cards easy and convenient.

The Brivo OnAir system is an award-winning system that gives business owners complete access to every part of their access control system in any place, at any time. Control one building or multiple buildings with just the touch of a button. Brivo has endorsed their OnAir product in this promotional video.

With Brivo products, you stay on top of your building’s safety and security. Brivo systems are designed to work effectively for both small businesses and large corporations. Each of the three featured products is simple and easy-to-use. Lock or unlock doors, customize your system, and set employee schedules directly from your mobile device. You can also access your other security systems, including your camera surveillance systems.

Contact us at Loc-Doc, Inc. today for more information on what a Brivo access control system can do for your business.

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