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Concord Mills Shooting and How to Protect Your Community with Camera Systems

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Last month the Concord/Charlotte area faced yet another tragedy of violence. 13 year old Aveanna Propst, along with 2 other teenage boys, were caught in the crossfire of a shooting at the Concord Mills mall. The two boys were injured, but Propst lost her life from the wounds she sustained.

We mourn for the loss of this young girl, and we all must ask what we can do to slow and prevent the increase in violence in our streets and neighborhoods. At Loc Doc Security, we share in the grief and loss from this event. Our company exists to protect people and their belongings, and events like these remind us of how important that is.

As we have shared in the past, camera systems play an integral part in the safety of not only individuals and businesses, but of the community at large. Shortly after the shooting surveillance photos were released, which led to the arrest of two individuals involved in the shooting. Because there was a camera at the scene, the police are able to administer justice and also ensure that those people cannot do any more damage in their community.

With new innovations in camera technologies we now have Cloud Based Camera Systems which give immediate access to camera footage from any device, giving us the ability to identify criminals, and perhaps even prevent their malicious activities. This story reminds us that this is not just about protecting your valuables and assets (which is important), but about providing safety to the people in your community.

If you share in our desire to reduce the violent crimes in the Charlotte/Concord area, and you are interested in getting a Cloud Based Camera system, click here for a free quote.

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