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Coaching the Coach | Monday Motivation with Chad Lingafelt

Setting a Personal Record is always exciting! Reaching an 8 minute and 8 second mile (the fastest I’ve run) didn’t happen on its own. When you start mentoring or coaching, your focus is usually centered on helping others. You start putting a lot of effort into coaching others and can often fail at recharging or allowing people to pour in to you.

I set a Personal Record by having a coach who ran alongside kept the same pace. The 3rd mile is usually where I tend to slow down and sometimes even walk. In this run, something changed because I had a running coach.

Having a coach who encouraged and pushed me through the first 2 miles was so transformational that by the 3rd mile, I was able to stretch and challenge myself! Thats when the P.R. happened!

Keeping pace with someone else and letting them encourage and coach me along the run had a great impact.

Often times in life, whether business or personal, we fail to allow people to be our coach. Or even worse, we unintentionally allow the people we surround ourselves with to be our coach.

Our challenge for you today: Who are you intentionally allowing to coach you? Are you mindful of those in your life that are unintentionally coaching you?

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