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Case Study Q&A: School System – Budgeting Now for 2020

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The number of Active shooter events have been increasing and its very easy for School Administration officials to want to invest in smart technology solutions like gunshot detection. Although these advanced systems are improving every day, they may not be the right fit or a good starting point for Educational Institutions trying to increase their security with a limited budget. With us as your guide, we can help by addressing the basics and ensuring the fundamentals of security are in place before relying on sophisticated and often costly technology.

In this Case Study, we discuss the problem a K-12 School System was experiencing on multiple campuses, the components to the customized solution, and how to prepare and budget for security upgrades in 2020.

Kevan, one of our Account Managers, shared some helpful information on what makes this a special project and why it is a great example of the innovative solutions that are available to school systems and other similar facilities.

Q: What was the Problem the customer was experiencing?

A: The problem they were having was they needed a way to funnel visitors to the school through the receptionist desk, instead of just walking into the school unattended.

Q: What solution was customized and presented to them? 

A: After discussing and understanding the issue, the solution that worked best for the customer was adding electronic components to security vestibules in 5 separate facilities. We accomplished this by installing new locks to keep the doors secure, as well as adding a wireless release and electronic strike to the doors. The reason for the release and strike was so that when a person was verified, the receptionist could allow them into the vestibule with the push of a button from her desk. This provided an easy to use and secure option for controlling access to these facilities.

Q: What are some of the advantages of this solution to standard locking hardware? 

A: The biggest advantage is to keep the door locked at all times. Another advantage is that due to the wireless release by button, there is minimal disruption to the receptionist. Also by not needing to issue keys for this solution, you are maintaining a more secure and sustainable application for the facility.

Q: What aspect of this solution was the customer most excited about? 

A: The customer was most excited about increasing their security without sacrificing accessibility or time spent controlling who comes in the front door.

Q: Why should a school consider this solution for their 2020 budget?

A: Safety is a number one priority these days, and with the amount of students and faculty coming in and out, you want to maximize the security while maintaining a steady traffic flow through the door. This solution provides that balance between the two.

In conclusion, by addressing security basics, like ensuring a single point of entry, visitor sign-in system, and all entry point doors are locked at appropriate times throughout the day, we were able to increase the security at these school systems. Having these fundamentals in place as a backbone makes it easier and less expensive to implement additional technology year by year without blowing budgets.

Although smart technology like gunshot detection seems appealing, it can often be expensive and exceed most budgets. Our recommendation to all facilities is to start with the basics of security and build from there with scalable solutions.

For more information on these solutions, or for a custom crafted solution for your facility, request a consultation with our Professional Security Experts!

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