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Actionable Gratitude: Who Are You Thankful For & Have You Told Them? | Monday Motivation with Chad

It’s that time of year again, where we gather around the table and say what we’re thankful for. But do we need to wait for the turkey to be carved or the stuffing to be passed before we think about what we’re thankful for?

Is one time a year to say what we’re thankful for enough? You may be thankful for friends, or family, maybe your F3 or CrossFit family, someone at work that is there for you, or even a neighbor that encourages you.

Our question for you today, have you told them? Putting action along with gratitude can be a game changer in relationships. Have you reached out through a phone call or a text or even a hand written letter and told that important person how much you appreciate them and why?

This week, as we prepare to sit with family and friends, gather in a home and be thankful, we challenge you to proactively reach out to the people that have encouraged you, inspired you, and have been there for you. Let them know before thanksgiving day how thankful you are for them! Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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