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5 Small Products That Play a Big Role in Your Commercial Security

The security at your commercial building is no small matter. However, sometimes the smallest products do the most work at keeping your building secure. These important products often go unnoticed, but they are vital in protecting your company from unwanted visitors.

  1. Door Closers- Door closers are important in keeping doors and locks secure. Sometimes, at the end of long work days, employees are more focused on heading home than making sure the door closes behind them. It takes only a few seconds for an intruder to intercept an open door and enter your property without your knowledge. Without door closers to ensure your exterior doors seal properly, your commercial security could be at risk.

  2. Push Bars- Push bars, panic bars, and other exit devices ensure an exit door remains secure. Push bars can guarantee a confident lock on doors that are meant to be exit-only. Panic bars sound an alarm when a door is accessed that is meant to remain closed. Other commercial security exit devices work to maintain a sealed lock on rarely used doors.

  3. Locking Storage- Drawers, cupboards, and file cabinets containing sensitive information should be equipped with locking mechanisms. This can often seem like an inconvenience, but having the option available to you and your employees will help everyone guarantee the security of important files and property within the office.

  4. Video Surveillance- Even the most basic video surveillance systems can help to deter criminals or catch those who have committed an offense. While external systems are important, cameras set up in the office can help to ensure the security of you and your employees’ property within the building.

  5. Access Control- Access control features are the tiny accessories that control who has access to the restricted areas of your business. Whether it is a card reader or key code entry pad, your commercial security can be greatly increased with the use of an access control system.

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