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4 Ways to Improve Your Budget with Access Control Upgrades

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

In previous posts, we have briefly touched on the various benefits that an access control system provides for your business, school and many other commercial/organizational applications. Today we will delve deeper into this topic and show you 4 areas in which access control systems are more cost effective and budget friendly.

1) Time Savings: When you have a physical key and lock system, time is always a factor. Whoever is in charge of your building’s security likely spends at least 3 hours a month managing keys, locks, and making decisions about who has access to which doors. (multiply that by the number of people managing your security) Thats 36 hours a year that can be reduced by 50% or more by switching to a cloud based access system. With the click of a button from a computer or phone, your security administrator can turn access on or off and set schedules for access. Time is one of the most important things to budget.

2) Loss Prevention: Picture this scenario in your head: An employee approaches you and has lost the key to the front door. What is your response? The easy response is to ignore it and replace the key. But the truth is, that key is now floating around, giving someone access to your building. The proper response is to rekey the front door and any other doors that may give someone access via that key. On top of that you have to replace the key for any employees who were using the old key. This can lead to a major loss of time and money for your company, all because of a simple mistake that can happen to anyone. With a cloud based access control system, a click of a button will deactivate a lost fob, and the problem is solve. You get another fob for the employee and move on with your day.

3) Increased Revenue: Upgrading to access control does not only prevent loss, but it also provides a great benefit to your company. With an automated access system with preset schedules and hours can turn a 8-5 business into a 24 hour facility. (especially for membership-based businesses like fitness centers, clubs and associations. This also means no need to hire someone just to let people in the front door. You can remotely control and customer who comes in and out, and when they have access to your facility.

4) Increased Capacity: Every time you add an employee, you must spend resources to onboard, train, and maintain your employees within the company. With an access control system, you can hand your employee a credential and set their schedule in seconds. The onboarding process just became 10 times quicker and easier. This means more resources and time to pour into developing your employee for the important aspects of your business.

If you have any questions about access control systems or want a free quote on upgrading to a cloud based access control, request a consultation with our Professional Security Experts!

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