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3 Ways Brivo’s Twist & Go Mobile Feature Makes Facility Access Easy!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

One of our favorite features for mobile access credentials is Brivo’s Twist & Go for iPhone or Android. Here are 3 ways that this Bluetooth enabled feature will make entering your facility easy to use.

1) Security Gates: Many facilities have security gates to keep unauthorized vehicles out of their location. From commercial buildings to HOA communities, security gates are often a great help for security purposes. However it can become a burdensome and annoying process. Sometimes it requires an intercom system, which requires someone to man the opening. Sometimes it is a fob or a code, which can be lost or forgotten. With Twist & Go, the entrant simply presents their phone and twists, which will activate the entrance. This can save time and money on a massive scale, especially for more heavily trafficked entrances.

2) Building Entrances: Another important security point for a business is the entrance of the building. Many companies need to keep the entrances of a building secure from unauthorized access; some attempt to do this with physical keys, which can be lost and which wear down over time. Not to mention these need to be replaced or rekeyed with each loss to prevent security compromise. Others will use a fob system or a keypad but these also require the employees to keep track of their credentials. With a Twist & Go feature, employees can enter the facility with a flick of the wrist!

3) Interior Doors: There are countless interior doors at a facility that need to be secured. Generally these are offices or rooms that keep secure and valuable equipment or information. Many companies are content with a different key that is only presented to the authorized employee. However, with employment changes also will come changes in key security as well, which will require rekeys. Twist & Go technology offers a seamless process for access to secure rooms. Simply remove the old user and add the new one with a few taps on your phone. You can even set the schedule your employees will have access.

With Brivo Twist & Go, you can open and secure your building easily with a simple mobile device! With us as your security guide, you can trust that we will be there to help you make the best choice and take care of what’s important to you. Let’s meet and talk more about how you can protect what’s important, be it people, property, or products.

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