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3 Reasons to Budget for Security Improvements

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The time of year has come to start thinking about next years budget. It is a common struggle when budgeting to consider which percentage of the budget should go towards maintaining and securing the business’ property.

Here are 3 things to consider when building your security budget for 2020.

1) How much is your stuff worth?

When creating a security budget, you must always first consider the value of what you are securing. This can vary for each company; it could be the computers in your office, the expensive equipment you keep in your workshop, or it could be proprietary information you store in a file room.

Ask yourself about the immediate and residual losses you would face. How much would it cost to replace? How much time is lost while it is being replaced? If someone else were to gain access to your information, what could your potential losses be? Increasing your budget by a small percentage in 2020 could protect your assets for several years to come.

2) What is the traffic in and out of your property?

Another important concern when budgeting is how many people are entering and exiting your building, and how often. Some businesses have a few staff entering and exiting per day, while others have dozens of staff and customers in and out at all times.

Door and lock hardware is rated for usage, so the heavier use doors will need a higher quality of hardware or risk replacing the hardware more often. This also affects the keys tend to wear down with use, whereas a keypad lock or a badge reader will reduce the need to continually replace keys or repair cylinders.

3) How do you control access to different areas of your building?

This is a crucial question for many businesses, as there are some areas that only certain staff members should have access to, such as confidential records and information. There are also some areas restricted to employees or staff, and others open for customers during business hours. It is important to look at each door and ask, who should have access to to this door and when?

Then you must consider how you want to control access. A key system can help, but keys can be lost or stolen which requires the door to be rekeyed and new keys made. A keypad would be much more beneficial to controlling who goes into certain areas. A Brivo access control system with a badge reader can also be set up which allows for schedules to be set up, as well as a custom access profile for each door.

Once you have these questions answered, it’s time to get quotes! Contact us and get an estimate for providing the solutions and services you need. Sometimes an onsite visit will be needed to get a better idea of the cost. A professional security technician will also be able to let you know if the solution you want is the best fit for your needs or if there is a better option available. When you have your estimates you should have a much better idea of what your budget should be for security.

Should you need any assistance with assessing your property and providing estimates for your budget, Loc Doc Security will be glad to help.For more information on these solutions, or for a custom crafted solution for your facility, request a consultation with our Professional Security Experts!

Watch the video below for more information about Cloud Access and benefits of API’s!

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