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3 Reasons Mobile Access Credentials Should Be In Your Budget

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In a recent survey from leading access control supplier Brivo, 4 of 5 security leaders use mobile apps to manage facilities and employees, but only 25% of these reported offering mobile credentials to their team members, as opposed to fobs, keycards or codes.

The reasons vary from outdated hardware to security and privacy concerns, but in spite of that, mobile credentials is projected to experience rapid growth in 2020, making it an important consideration for your 2020 budget.

Here a few of those reasons:

1) Mobile-Centric Culture: We’ve already seen a massive increase in the dependence of the average person on their mobile devices for almost every area of their lives, both personal and professional. This has naturally begun to affect the area of maintaining security. More and more people are already trading in their keys and garage door openers for mobile access in their homes, and there is a reported increase in this technology in university and coworking spaces as well. It is only a matter of time before every business is expected to offer this kind of access in their building.

2) Versatility: Many companies are moving away from subcontracting tasks and functions and are incorporating those functions into their business models. They often do this through integrations and API which gives companies a smarter and quicker way to streamline their workflows. As the demand for these integrations increases, so does the benefit they can provide to a company by saving them time and money that is invested into these tasks. A mobile credential system can communicate with other apps and systems and users will immediately benefit when these integrations come into play.

3) Sustainability: In the increasingly digital world, our solutions are constantly updating themselves. Physical solutions such as keys or key cards will need to be replaced and cannot update themselves. Digital solutions such as a mobile credential can be automatically kept up to date with the latest software innovations, and do not require physical replacement. This effectively reduces waste and overspending, thereby creating a sustainable method of managing security for employees.

Ready to use your phone to open doors? Request a FREE consultation with our Professional Security Experts for a custom crafted solution for your facility.

Watch the video below to see how to use the Brivo Mobile Pass Smartphone App and open doors with an iPhone or Android.

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