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3 Benefits of a Protected Key System

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

One of the unique identifiers for Loc Doc Security has been the Protected Key Systems we offer through Medeco. Many times in a business, the value of the facility is not reflected in the quality and security of the locks meant to keep them safe.  Find out the 3 reasons a Protected Key System can benefit your business.

1) Security of Key Blanks: The first benefit of a Protected Key System is that your keys are patented and restricted. This means that your key provider is the only vendor with access to your key blanks. These are made specifically for your locks and no one else’s, and no other locksmiths can get the information or blanks to your locks. There are some locks that are so common that it is incredibly easy to get a key blank to fit it, as well as make a key that will work it. Not so with a Protected System, to even get a key blank you must go through the vendor.

2) Duplication Control: The second benefit of a Protected Key System is Duplication Control. This is an important point for many reasons; with a standard blank, anyone can walk into a Lowe’s or Home Depot, place the key into a machine, and Voila! a copy of the key to your commercial facility (Yes, even if it says Do Not Duplicate!) is produced. However, with a Protected Key System like Medeco M3, we would only cut keys for you or any one you personally authorize to request keys.

3) Audit Trail: Another benefit of controlling your keys is keeping track of key requests and how many keys have been copied. In your business you may have several people within your organization who needs certain keys. Because we are the only vendor who has access to your key blank, we can also keep track of who requested which key, and how many keys are currently in circulation. When a key is lost or unaccounted for, you can come to us and quickly get an audit trail of who is responsible for the loss or which keys are missing.

When you have a security breach, these are 3 areas in which you suffer. We have a team of professionals available to diagnose problems and provide the best custom solution for you. We can help guide you so you make the right choice that fits your needs! If you have any further questions about Protected Key Systems and how to get one set up in your business, schedule a Free Evaluation here.

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