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2016 MSC Conference and Awards – Million Dollar Club

Loc-Doc, Inc is a Security Solutions company in Charlotte, NC focusing on providing Total Door Opening solutions including Locksmith, Door, Security services.  Loc-Doc, Inc was founded in 1982 as the “Professional Locksmith”.  The company had humble begins and now has grown to one of the largest Locksmith and Security providers in Charlotte, NC.

The year 2015 was an amazing year of growth, transition and building within Loc-Doc, Inc. We had some amazing highs and some tough loss to work through.

As we start this year and continue to strategize and navigate a new era, new markets and new opportunities, we have to acknowledge the progress our team has made and build from those accomplishments.

During the 2016 Medeco Security Center (MSC) Conference, we received two humbling awards. Loc-Doc, Inc of Charlotte, NC received the #1 ranking for overall sales growth in combined Medeco and Arrow Hardware sales for 2015. We were honored by the ASSA ABLOY groups and our peers to be acknowledged for this achievement.

As the night came to a close, they announced there was one last award to be given. This was a new award created for a specific achievement. As they begin to announce the award, the graphic on the screen indicated, “For the first time in the history of the MSC Program, an account has purchased over $1 million in Medeco product.”

For the “FIRST TIME IN HISTORY,” those words are just simply amazing and humbling to describe

anaccomplishment for our team. Loc-Doc, Inc was presented the first “Million Dollar Award” in the history of the MSC network. Now the challenge is on…Maintain our Momentum. This accomplishment comes with great team work and effort from every person in our organization. It represents hard work and dedication. It represents selflessness and encouraging each other. I challenge our team to celebrate the win. Enjoy the progress and never rest on our accomplishments. We know we can create historical moments. So, let’s go make some more!

The Medeco Security Center Program is a select group of Security Professionals and Locksmith Business throughout North America. With over 150 companies represented, this proves to be the elite business in the Security and Locksmith industries. ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in door opening solutions, has invested great resources to help with business development, voice of customer feedback and sales strategies. The Medeco Security Center Program was established in early 2000s by the Medeco High Security Lock company in Salem, VA. They have continued to grow their partnerships with other ASSA ABLOY companies to create a great benefit for the Medeco Security Center Program partners.

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