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Car Break-Ins In a Charlotte Business Park

Car Break-Ins In a Charlotte Business Park

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Customer Problem:

Codes for building access were being passed out to people who shouldn’t have the codes. This was causing an influx of solicitors and packages marked delivered to be missing. There was also concerns about unauthorized access to the community amenities.

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Loc-Doc Security Solution

A Brivo Access Control system was installed on the four entry ways of each of the eight multi-family buildings.  Community members were given mobile passes, fobs, and codes for the keypads for deliveries. Simplified to one key fob system that works amenities and building.   Camera footage can be viewed remotely for quick reporting to authorities. Cameras are placed in visible locations to act as a deterrent.

A customer came to us with a problem. Cars were getting broken into within a business park and expensive parts and belongings were being stolen from them.  The business park had no surveillance cameras in place and without any helpful footage, the police could not identify the culprits.


The customer turned to us for help! We were able to solve their problem by installing Brivo allowed us to secure all of the building entry doors, allowing parcel delivery drivers to leave packages inside the building instead of outside.  Delivery drivers have a unique pin code or a physical fob used to enter the buildings.  This has eliminated the issue of the stolen packages.  Once the building doors were secured, we secured the vehicular access gate using Brivo as well.  Now the customer has access to a full data log with Brivo that tracks who enters the buildings and gate, and the times in which they entered.  With Brivo, fobs can also be individually turned off and on by an administrator using the web portal.  This can be useful in the event someone misplaces a fob, or fails to pay their dues.


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